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Versatility ______

”Hi. I’m Peter.”
”Hi. My name’s Ursula.”
”I can’t take my eyes off of you.”
”So don’t do that. Sing to me.”
”But I want to sing with you. Shall we do it together?”
”Of, course. Let’s start it.”
”OK. Let’s do it.”

How can we start?

We can start with the fact that we are a married couple whose profession is music and entertaining. We have given the name Versatility from a cruise director of a luxurious cruiseship. We are versatile in performing different styles – oldies, motown music and pop, rock, country, blues songs from the 60’s to the latest hits. The satisfaction of our customers and audiences is the most important to us. So we always present our show with high standard, quality, elegance and style on all the functions (festivals, clubs, corporate functions, family events, wedding ceremonies and parties) in Hungary and abroad. In the past few years we performed on different cruiseliners all over the world, several venues inland, entertained thousands of people and performed on stage with stars. Please check out and browse our site! For more information please contact us.
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Show ______

"They seemed very elegant, pretty and trendy. They played different styles. I noticed that their repertoire follows the change that the world and the people who are listening to music need and needed. - Szabolcs Balasy"

In our show ”Versatile Love” we present how many different ways, styles we can perform, entertain, sing and play about this wonderful feeling, LOVE.

Our intention is to show our versatility with the chosen repertoire in English and Hungarian. During the performance we play some own songs as well and let you look in our lovestory.

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Wedding ______

"Their repertoire is incredibly wide. I can say they could cope perfectly with every style from rock ’n’ roll to romantic melodies and even folk songs. I think they can play the music such a big company need on a wedding ceremony or party. - Eva Vojkovics and Szabolcs Lengvarszky"

”I know I’ve found in You, My Endless Love”. If you feel it, you will be a married couple soon. You must like to take this one and only moment an memorable event of your life. It is a pleasure for us to be a part of it as entertainers. Live music makes the church or /and cilvil ceremony unique, touching and unforgettable when you say ”I will” to each other. For more info please check out the Gallery!

We can be engaged to perform on the wedding party. We can play background/coctail and party music as well Options:
Duo – 2 vocals, keyboard, guitar and professional backing tracks
Band – at least 4 members, 2 or 3 vocals, keyboard, guitar and drums
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Other functions ______

"/ I’ve been working for a program coordinator for nearly 30 years. And nowadays it’s very important what kind of person you are. I’m fond of working with them and it’s the reason why I cannot be disappointed in them. What they do is high quality and trustworthy. - Zoran Trubics"

”Let the Midnight Special” – sung by the Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969.

It is our aim, too. We make the audience feel the boogie and sing along with us on an openair festival, a clubconcert, corporate functons or even a family party.

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VERSATILITY - The Lights of Christmas




Show 'Versatile Love'


Interactive Music KidsShow

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Ursula and Peter Apaceller
Phone: +36 30 256 6637
Phone: +36 30 277 5201
E-mail: info@versatility.hu
Skype: apaceller-czigola